• I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Attack Helicopter
  • X.F.r.o.z.e.n.x

    I haven't been active here for a while and now i see that people started messing around and posted lots of BS on pages. When i get some time, I will run through all pages and restore them. Oh and i will also BAN everyone who posted vandalism. Serously you guys, the admins and many users here worked hard to make this wiki as clean and informative as possible. And you try to ruin all their hard work. Do i really need to lock down all pages? If that's the only way, then i will do it. Better to keep pages clean than let some people post whatever the heck they feel adding.

    Will also remove all the comments that are clearly offensive. It's fine to discuss stuff but please keep the swearing out of it people! This time I'll simply remove them but n…

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