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Trine Halden
Kanji トリイネ・ハルデン
Rōmaji Torīne Haruden
Race Beastman (Civet Lineage)
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Yellow Green
Hair Violet
Professional Status
Affiliation Free Terrorists
Occupation Terrorist
Base of Operations Itogami Island
Personal Status
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut OVA 1: Kingdom of the Valkyrja I
Japanese Voice Minami Takahashi

Trine Halden (トリイネ・ハルデン, Torīne Haruden) is terrorist who in a deal with the Free Terrorists kidnapped La Folia and demanded for the release of 11 political prisoners serving life sentences from Aldegyr Kingdom in exchange for her. However, Aldegyr Kingdom did not comply to her demand, so she then hijacked Bifrost and used it to fly to the signing ceremony of Aldegyr Kingdom and the Warlord's Dominion to kill Dimitrie to cause a war between the two countries.




Kingdom of the ValkyrjaEdit


Trine being a beastman of the Civet lineage can use pheromones through licking a person to control that person, even a vampire like how she did to Kojou.



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