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Lion King Organization

Lion King Organization (獅子王機関(ししおうきかん) Shishiō Kikan) or the Lion King Agency is an special agency established by the National Public Safety Commission. They engage in intelligence gathering and sabotage to impede large-scale magical disasters and sorcerous terrorism.

Information Edit

It is led by three saints, two of which are Shirona Kuraki and Koyomi Shizuka. The identity of the remaining saint is currently unknown. They sent Yukina to observe Kojou, as he is disrupting the power balance between the three current Primogenitors, and eliminate him if he becomes a threat. In reality, the agency sent Yukina to become Kojou's lover, while Motoki Yaze is the true observer of the Fourth Primogenitor.

The Lion King Agency also oversees the High God Forest, gathering orphans with potential from all over the country to become Conter-Demon Attack Mages.

History Edit

The agency's roots go back to the Takiguchi Musha, the guards who protected the Inner Palace from evil spirits and apparitions during the Heian period. Thus, it is an organization older than the present government of Japan.

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