Sensai Aiba
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Kanji 藍羽 仙斎
Rōmaji Aiba Sensai
Race Human
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Manmade Island City Council
Occupation Manmade Island City Councilor
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Sumire Aiba (Wife)
Asagi Aiba (Daughter)

Sensai Aiba (藍羽 仙斎, Aiba Sensai) is Asagi's father . He has served as the Manmade Island City Councilor regarding the issue of the Fourth Primogenitor and also knows that his daughter is the Priestess of Cain. When he first met Kojou, he asked him to be by Asagi's side and hoped he'll get married with her in the future becoming his son-in-law to succeed him.





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