Rin Tsukishima
Rin Tsukishima A
Kanji 築島 倫
Rōmaji Tsukishima Rin
Race Human
Age 16
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Saikai Academy
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Itogami Island
Personal Status
Status Active
Japanese Voice Rei Mochizuki

Rin Tsukishima (築島 倫, Tsukishima Rin) is a normal high-school student studying in Saikai Academy who is the classmate of Kojou, Motoki and Asagi. She is a close friend of Asagi along with Motoki.


Rin has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears the Saikai Academy high-school uniform.


Rin is a supportive friend to Asagi, always helping her get closer to Kojou.

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