A progenitor is a father of vampires who wields considerable power. There are four progenitors: Lost Warlord (ruler of Europe), Foregazer (ruler of West Asia), Chaos Bride / Giada Kukulcan (ruler of Central America), and Kaleid Blood / Kojou Akatsuki (formerly Avrora Florestina). Kaleid Blood seems to have rule over the greater Asian area, including China, Japan, Korea, India, Philippines, and Oceania.


The three original progenitors ruled over the western world and kept a power balance between them, as each progenitor has the same power as a large military force. Because Kojou was "born" a power imbalance has been created and the three progenitors are debating whether to go to war, have him killed or let him rule.

Vampire TypesEdit

Vampires under Lost Warlord are called "D-Type". They are the classic vampires described by the public. Most of them are able to turn into mist and have beast-like familiar.

Vampires under Foregazer are called "G-Type". Their abilities and traits are currently unknown.

Vampires under Chaos Bride are called "T-Type". They specialize in intelligent-type weapon familiars.

The Fourth ProgenitorEdit

The fourth progenitor is an artificial vampire created by the three progenitors and Tenbu (demi gods of an advanced ancient civilization) as the strongest weapon to help them fight Cain during his return. After it's creation they deemed it too powerful and decided that it cannot be controlled. They later split it's powers into (12 pairs of ribs) 12 beings known as "Kaleid Blood". The 12th Kaleid Bloods gained human form and is in charge of observing "Root". "Root" resides within Avrora the 12th Kaleid Blood and acts as a guardian for "Root", she is sealed at an ancient ruin known as Fairy's Coffin. When rumours spread that the fourth progenitor had awakened, various factions began to fear that Cain's return might be near and started preparing for what is yet to come.


Familiar Summoning: All progenitors have more than one familiars.

Immortality: They cannot be killed by normal means, and even decapitation can not kill them. When a progenitor resurrects, any spilled blood is absorbed back into the body and injuries heal rapidly. 

Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: As vampires, they possess supernatural strength, speed, reflexes and durability, but are much more powerful than normal vampires.


First progenitor has control of 72 Familiars

Second progenitor has control of 19 Familiars

Third progenitor has control of 27 Familiars

Fourth progenitor has control of 12 Familiars

Known ProgenitorsEdit

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