Kanon KanaseEdit

Like her husband Lucas, Polifonia regards Kanon neither as a political threat or with the prejudice towards bastards characteristic of fictional nobles, but instead loves and dotes on her dearly as if she is a legitimate little sister: Though her affection in practice is more of a motherly one than a sisterly one, as Kanon is actually two years younger than her daughter.

Lucas RihaveinEdit

Though on paper, Lucas is the proud warrior king of his nation, it is Polifonia who "wears the pants" of the relationship, restraining her husband's frequent outbursts with stern yet cheerful wisdom.

La Folia RihaveinEdit

Though loving and close, Polifonia's relationship with La Folia is closer to one between affectionate sisters than mother and daughter proper.

Kojou AkatsukiEdit

Polifonia, unlike her hot-headed-husband, sees Kojou for the kind gentleman that he is; happily and OPENLY supportive him romantically pursuing her daghter La Folia AND her newfound sister Kanon.