Polifonia Rihavein
Polifonia Rihavein A
Kanji ポリフォニア・リハヴァイン
Rōmaji Porifonia Rihavuain
Race Human
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Turquoise Blue
Hair Silver
Professional Status
Affiliation Aldegyr Kingdom
Occupation Queen
Base of Operations Aldegyr Kingdom
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Kanon Kanase (Half-Sister)
Lucas Rihavein (Husband)
La Folia Rihavein (Daughter)
First appearance
Anime Debut OVA 1: Valkyrie Oukoku-hen
Japanese Voice Mamiko Noto

Polifonia Rihavein (ポリフォニア・リハヴァイン, Porifonia Rihavuain) is the queen of Aldegyr Kingdom. She is the half-sister of Kanon, the wife of Lucas and the mother of La Folia.


She looks like a slightly more mature version of her daughter.


She is shown to be supportive of her daughter's choice. Like her daughter, she has a bright, cheerful and mischievous streak; fond of practical jokes. She is also the calm voice of wisdom sorely lacking in her proud and short tempered husband.



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