Nalakuvera is unleashed.

Nalakuvera (ナラクヴェーラ, Narakuvēra) is an ancient weapon of the gods, said to have destroyed countless of civilizations. It has the power rivals a Primogenitor. It is currently in the possession of Christoph Gardos. Kanou Alchemical Industry provided a stone tablet that explains how to use it however, linguists and magical organizations all around the world tried to decoded it to no success. However, Asagi Aiba decoded a part of it under 3 hours.



It was discovered among ancient ruins, but a company called Kanou Alchemical Industry smuggled it in along with a stone tablet explaining how to use it. The Black Death Emperor Faction stole it and it is currently in their possession.



It learns how its opponent attacks, and adapts.

It can also use elemental conversion to repair itself.

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