Mogwai A
Kanji モグワイ
Rōmaji Moguwai
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Eyes Green
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Hacker
Personal Status
Status Active
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4: Right Arm of the Saint IV
Japanese Voice Shinji Kawada

Mogwai (モグワイ, Moguwai) is an A.I. who assists Asagi. It is hinted that he has some connections to Cain that he may be his messenger. Mogwai, programmed or under orders, protects Asagi at all cost. This is seen when he calls her to work so that she could avoid a dangerous situation.



Despite being an AI,he has his own complex personality. He is a little mysterious and seems to be always plotting and calculating the moves of everyone. On multiple occasions,he seems to have humour and compassion.



Right Arm of the SaintEdit

Emissary of the WarlordEdit

Blazing AngelEdit

Labyrinth of the Blue WitchEdit

Banquet of the ObserversEdit

Return of the AlchemistEdit

Return of the AlchemistEdit

EX: Yukina Before / AfterEdit


Mogwai is an advanced A.I. program and is capable of hacking heavily secured files with ease. He is also capable of taking actions by himself.


  • A Mogwai is a Chinese demon or evil spirit which harms humans.
  • He's also a cat-like familiar.

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