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Moegi Akatsuki
Moegi Akatsuki A
Kanji 暁 萌葱
Rōmaji Akatsuki Moegi
Race Vampire (Kaleid Blood's Direct Descendant)
Age 16
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Violet
Hair Greenish-Blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation Empire Of The Dawn
Base of Operations Itogami Island / Reich Der Morgenröte
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Hisano Akatsuki (Great Grandmother)
Gajou Akatsuki (Grandfather)
Mimori Akatsuki (Grandmother))
Kojou Akatsuki (Father)
Asagi Aiba (Mother)
Yukina Himeragi (Step-Mother)
Nagisa Akatsuki (Aunt)
Reina Akatsuki (Half-Sister)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 24 - Empire Of The Dawn II
Novel Debut Strike the Blood EX: Yukina Before / After
Japanese Voice Minami Tsuda

Moegi Akatsuki (暁 萌葱, Akatsuki Moegi) is Asagi's daughter who's responsible for sending Reina 20 years back to the past to chase a manmade magical beast. In the side-story, Yukina Before/After, it was implied that she's Kojou and Asagi's daughter as the Light Novel states that she has fangs and an offspring of a human and a vampire cannot be a full vampire unless one of the parents is a Primogenitor.


She has violet eyes and long greenish-blonde hair tied together in a side ponytail and has a hairclip holding part of her bangs. She wears a pink outfit and a white lab coat.

Moegi and reina


History Edit


EX: Yukina Before / AfterEdit


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