Meiga Itogami
Meiga Itogami A
Kanji 絃神 冥駕
Rōmaji Itogami Meiga
Race Human (Attack Mage)
Eyes Golden Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Lion King Organization, Demon Prison barrier
Previous Occupation Attack Mage, Researcher
Personal Status
Status Active
Weapon Fangzahn (Prototype Schneewalzer Lance)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 16: Fiesta for the observers I
Novel Debut Volume V - Banquet of the Observers
Japanese Voice Natsuki Hanae

Meiga Itogami (絃神 冥駕 , Itogami Meiga) was a prisoner of the Prison Barrier who managed to escape with six others, including Aya, when its seal was broken. He was the only prisoner who knew that since Aya had stolen all of Natsuki's memories and time then she had become the key of the Prison Barrier but didn't interfere with her plans because her plans would also benefit him. He knows the plans of the Lion King Organization, that Asagi is the priestess of Cain, and who Mogwai is.





Banquet of the ObserversEdit

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Since he was an attack mage of the Lion King Organization, it is assumed he has skill in hand to hand combat as well as fighting using weapons and some spells.

Unique Constitution: Meiga's body is different from others, enabling him to wield the prototype schneewalzer. Unique natures of his body:

  • Is not influenced by spritual and magical energy
  • Does not feel pain
  • Has a low temperature
  • Does not require sleep