Kiriha Kisaki


Kiriha Kiasaki A

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Kanji 妃崎 霧葉
Rōmaji Kisaki Kiriha
Alias Six-Blade Priestess
Race Human (Attack Mage)
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Dark Purple
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Taishikyoku
Personal Status
Status Active
Weapon Richel Carle
First appearance
Anime Debut II Episode 1
Novel Debut Volume IX - Black Sword Shaman
Japanese Voice Yukiyo Fuji

Kiriha Kiasaki (妃崎 霧葉, Kisaki Kiriha) first appeared in Volume 9. Her mission was to capture the Succubus. She ended up manipulating Sayaka to get Succubus from Kojou's group.

Appears again in Volume 11 to assist Kojou and Yukina in rescuing Nagisa. Kiriha first leaks information to the two regarding Nagisa's whereabouts and later attempts to escort them to a plane to leave Itogami Island.The three are stopped by Natsuki and are forced to fight.



Kiriha has a calm yet belligerent nature. She also enjoys teasing others particularly Kojou.


A beautiful girl with long black hair and cold looking eyes. She wears a black school uniform and stockings.


Her first introduction in the series was that trying to capture the succubus.


Black Sword ShamanEdit


As a Six Blade Priestess, she specializes in dealing with supernatural creatures and disasters.

Richel Carle She wields a double pronged spear that can copy the abilities of others. Kiriha has copied the abilities of Sayaka's Koukarin allowing her to form protective barriers. Yume's mind control ability had also been copied which allowed Kiriha to control Sayaka.

Name Description Image
Shikigami Summoning She can summon a Shikigami. Shikigami can send messages or alert the summoner if anything happens. Kiriha can summon shikigamis in the form of panthers.
Young Lightning (若雷, Waka Ikazuchi)
Pulsation (響, Yuragi) An incantation that instantly amplifies the effect of a magic ability to its limit. It is used when a magic ability is shot directly onto the body of the enemy. Kiriha uses the technique's destructive power bare-handed.
Burning Thunder (若雷 Hono Ikazuchi) An incantation that releases fire into the surrounding area.
Resonant Thunder (Saku Ikazuchi)
Invisibility She has the ability to turn invisible using a chant.

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