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Kanji 叶瀬 夏音
Rōmaji Kanase Kanon
Alias Angel Faux, XDA-7
Race Artificial Angel (Formerly Human)
Age 15
Height 158 cm (5'2")
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Turquoise Blue
Hair Silver
Professional Status
Affiliation Saikai Academy
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Itogami Island
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives La Folia Rihavein (Niece)
Lucas Rihavein (Brother-in-Law)
Kensei Kanase (Uncle/Adoptive Father)

Polifonia Rihavein (Half-Sister)

First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 9: The Amphisbaena I
Novel Debut Volume III - Blazing Angel
Japanese Voice Kanae Itō

Kanon Kanase (叶瀬 夏音, Kanase Kanon) is the half-sister of Polifonia, the aunt of La Folia, and the adoptive daughter of Kensei. She is a middle-school student studying in Saikai Academy and is the classmate and close friend of Yukina and Nagisa.


Kanon Kanase F

Kanon Kanase is a very cute girl with white hair and clear blue eyes. She looks similar to her niece La Folia, but has short hair. She wears the normal Saikai Academy uniform. Her hair is braided with a violet ribbon on the end. On the inside of her uniform, she wears violet underclothes.


Kanon has a very kind and gentle heart. She has a tendency to call Kojou Onii-san. She also is quite fond of kojou especially when she realize that kojou is always doing his to protect her & his friends.


She's the only survivor after Kou attacked Adelard's monastery that she grew up in. Due to her kindness,( as seen by her picking up of numerous stray cats), she is called the middle-school saint. After the Angel Faux incident, Natsuki became her guardian as well as Astarte's mentor. In addition, she is being watched and pampered by Aldegyr for safeguarding through escorts and surveillance satellites due to the fact that she's the half-sister of Aldegyr's King.

She is actually the illegitimate daughter of La Folia's grandfather. While she has no right to the throne, she is without a doubt royalty.


Blazing AngelEdit

Kojou helps her find homes for kittens.

Labyrinth of the Blue WitchEdit


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  • Kanon's sizes are: Bust-79, Waist-56, and Hip-80.