Itogami Island also known as Demon District is a man-made city which is connected and built with gigantic floating-type structures that are known as giga-floats designed by Itogami Senra, created with carbon fiber, resin, metal, and magic as a habitat for demons. It's total area is about a hundred and eighty square kilometers, holding a total population of around five hundred sixty thousand. Through the eyes of the administrative division, it is called Tokyo Metropolitan Itogami City, but in actuality it is a special administrative region that holds an independent political system. It is located in the Pacific Ocean 300 kilometers south of Tokyo, constructed over an intersection of ley lines known as Dragon Veins which consists of massive spritual energy. It has five main districts, North Island, South Island, West Island, East Island and a Center Island connecting the four and provides the foundations for the city. The four surrounding giga-floats represent the four divine beasts and it's ruler at the center which is linked together in attempt to control the Dragon Veins. North represents the Black Tortoise, south represents the Vermilion Bird, west represents the White Tiger, east represents the Azure Dragon and it's ruler the Yellow Dragon which represents the center. It is unknown whether it's construction is related to Cain 's return. Asagi being the Priestess of Cain is practically immortal as long as she remains on Cain's altar.

Empire Of The DawnEdit

Empire of the dawn 1
Empire of the dawn 2

In the side story Strike the Blood EX reveals that 20 years after the main storyline Itogami Island had been expanded by nearly two-hundred times and is now as big as Shikoku. Likewise, the former population of about five hundred sixty thousand people also expanded to over four million. Itogami Island is no longer a Japanese sovereign territory but rather had been granted the status of an independent state and is now known as Reich Der Morgenröte. It is now the world's fourth Kingdom of the Night, Empire Of The Dawn ruled by the Fourth Primogenitor Kojou Akatsuki.

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