Giada Kukulcan

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Kanji ジャーダ・ククルカン
Rōmaji Jada Kukurukan
Alias Chaos Bride
Race Vampire (Primogenitor)
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Jade
Hair Light Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Chaos World Region
Personal Status
Status Active
Weapon Familiars

Giada Kukulcan (ジャーダ・ククルカン, Jada Kukurukan) is a third primogenitor who rules Central America. She invaded Itogami Island and attacked MAR while disguised as Avrora. After battling Kojou, she managed to regain her lost memories using the No.14 Grimoire.



According to Kojou, she's the type of person who likes to play around with her prey.


She was first seen in volume 7 disguised as Avrora using the No.14 Grimoire in attempt to recover Kojou's lost memories. In volume 10, she sent the 6th and 10th Kaleid Blood to Itogami Island as a reward for Kojou for defeating the evil god. They are currently in Oceanus Grave II under the custody of Dimitrie.



Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, she possesses supernatural strength, speed, reflexes and durability. In addition, due to being the Third Primogenitor, she has incredible power far above that of most vampires and is virtually immortal.

Familiar Summoning: Giada has 24 familiars, most likely they are intelligent-type weapons.

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