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Kanji 暁 牙城
Rōmaji Akatsuki Gajou
Alias Returnee from the Netherworld (死都帰り)
Race Human
Age 42
Gender 17px-Male.png Male
Professional Status
Occupation Archaeologist
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Mimori Akatsuki (Divorced Wife)
Kojou Akatsuki (Son)
Nagisa Akatsuki (Daughter)
Reina Akatsuki (Grand-Daughter)
Moegi Akatsuki (Grand-Daughter)
Weapon -20mm caliber anti-material sniper rifle

-mystic bullets
- golden bullet with embedded gems (anti-magical energy)
- silver palladium flechette bullet (anti-demon)

First appearance
Novel Debut Volume VII - Night Lord of the Blazing Light

Gajou Akatsuki (暁 牙城, Akatsuki Gajou) is the father of Kojou and Nagisa and the ex-husband of Mimori. After the fairy's coffin incident, he asked Natsuki to look over his children while he finds a "cure" for them.



In volume 7 of the light novel, he's portrayed as a jolly, fun-loving middle-aged man that can easily socialize with people from his surrounding, as shown with his attitude to the Fairy Coffin Historical Sites' head guardian, Caluso and the archaeologist dispatched from Warlord's Dominion, Liana Caruana. He loves challenges and has the tendency to do 'risky' things, such as fighting a magic-fueled giant golem using guns by his own (although they have special bullets tailored to kill magical creatures) and making his children tag along in some of his dangerous expeditions, something that clearly doesn't sit well with Mimori, his ex-wife.



Night Lord of the Blazing LightEdit


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