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Avrora Florestina

Avrora Florestina A

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Avrora Florestina N

Kanji アヴローラ・フロレスティーナ
Rōmaji Avurōra Furoresutīna
Alias The Original Fourth Primogenitor

The 12th Kaleid Blood

Race Vampire
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Hair Blonde
Personal Status
Status Active (Physical body destroyed Consciousness resides within Nagisa)
Relatives Kojou Akatsuki (Successor / Blood Servant)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1: Right Arm of the Saint I
Novel Debut Volume VII: Night Lord of the Blazing Light
Japanese Voice Kaori Ishihara

Avrora Florestina (アヴローラ・フロレスティーナ, Avurōra Furoresutīna) was the Original Fourth Primogenitor and the 12th Kaleid Blood. She was also Kojou's master.


She has blue eyes and had long blonde hair that reached her legs.She was often seen in a female middle school uniform.



She is named by Liana, one of the few people who discovered her sleeping like a princess in a coffin alongside Kojou, Nagisa and Gajou. The name is taken from The Sleeping Beauty. Avrora was responsible for guarding "Root" that resides within her. She was sealed at an ancient ruin known as Fairy's Coffin. Shortly after Nagisa conversing with the ancient ruin, they were attacked by the Black Death Emperor Faction. Kojou used his body to protect Nagisa and Avrora from the incoming rain of bullets towards them. Kojou was on the verge of death with his chest blown away into pieces. Avrora, admiring his courage, donated her fourth and fifth ribs turning Kojou into her blood servant and fended off the terrorist attack. Roughly about three and half a year later, "Root" had awakened as the fourth primogenitor in Nagisa's body and hunted the other Kaleid Bloods to consume them. Avrora and Kojou managed to gain allegiance from the other Kaleid Bloods and helped them defeat "Root". Avrora absorbed "Root" from Nagisa and stated that "Root" must be destroyed. Avrora deemed Kojou's worthy of being Kaleid Blood's successor / the fourth primogenitor, ordered Kojou, her blood servant to destroy her along with "Root". Nagisa managed to transfer Avrora's consciousness inside herself just before she perishes. Her body is being preserved at MAR research lab as a part of the "Sleeping Princess" project.


Night Lord of the Blazing LightEdit

Tyrant and The FoolEdit


Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, she once possessed supernatural strength, speed, reflexes and durability. In addition, she was also the Original Fourth Primogenitor, so she had incredible power far above that of most vampires and was virtually immortal.

Familiar Summoning: Root only managed to consume the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th Kaleid Blood. Avrora being the 12th Kaleid Blood is able to use the 12th familiar. She's the one who ranked the familiars.

Name Description Image
1st Familiar

Brote - Mesarthim-Adamas / The Adamant of God's Sheep

It is a sheep with more than ten thousand diamonds covering it's entire body. This familiar is capable to manipulate diamonds. It is able to spread or scatter them like shotguns and form shields reflecting various attacks/abilities making it well balanced on offense and defense. The diamonds are strong enough to block Al-Meissa-Mercury's dimension eating capabilities.
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 1
2nd Familiar

Defteros - Korutauri Sukinumu / Gozu King Of Amber

? ? ? No Image Available 2
3rd Familiar

Tritos - Al-Meissa-Mercury / The Serpent Dragon of Mercury

It is a double-headed serpent dragon that is also called the Dimension Eater. This familiar is capable of reality warping / eating void and space. It is able to withstand angelic powers. It's mouth can devour anything that acts like a black hole. Al Meissa Mercury A
4th Familiar

Tetartos - Natra-Cinereus / The Carapace of Silver Mist

It is a silver crayfish with blue flames on it's claws. This familiar is capable to render anything ethereal by producing mists. The mists are strong enough to ward off reality warping. Natra Cinereus A
5th Familiar

Pemptos - Regulus-Aurum / The Golden of Lion

It is a lion-like familiar having glowing red eyes and has a lightning-like mane. This familiar is capable of producing and manipulating lightning. The lightning is strong enough to weaken a divine vibration barrier. It can obliterate several hundreds of kilometers just by releasing it's powers. Regulus Aurum A
6th Familiar

Ektos - ? / The Amber of Minotaur

It is a minotaur armed with an axe that controls land. No Image Available 2
7th Familiar

Evdomos - Kiffa-Ahtel / The Black Sword of Abraded Night

It is an intelligent-type weapon, a gigantic demon sword over 100 meters in length. This trident-like sword is capable to manipulate gravity. It can obliterate few dozens of kilometers if swung from a high altitude.
Screenshot 3
8th Familiar

Ogdoos - ? / The Flame of Manticore

It is a manticore that controls fire. No Image Available 2
9th Familiar

Enatos - Al-Nasl-Minium / The Crimson of Bicorn

It is a bicorn-like familiar having glowing purple eyes, black-colored skin, purple fire-like mane and has glowing plate-shaped armor floating around its neck. This familiar is capable to produce and manipulate sound. It is able to create sound quake and waves. It can tear molecules at an atomic scale by emitting high-frequency vibrations from it's entire body. Al Nasl Minium A
10th Familiar

Dekatos - ? / ?

? ? ? No Image Available 2
11th Familiar

Endekatos - Sadalmelik-Albus / The Water Spirit of White Steel

It is a combination of an undine and a snake. This familiar is capable to revert phenomenon to it's original state which is nothingness. It is able to to erase conceptual existence. Sadalmelik Albus A
12th Familiar

Dodekatos / Alrescha-Glacies / The Demon Princess of Blue Ice

It is a combination of a siren and a mermaid. This familiar is capable to decrease temperature below absolute zero. Alrescha Glacies A

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