Kojou AkatsukiEdit

Kojou is Asagi's classmate and friend. Asagi has strong feelings for Kojou since she met him during middle-school. Before Yukina came into their lives, it is shown that they have always been together with Motoki Yaze. She's been doing things for her to be close at Kojou. It is shown their too that she's not that close to Kojou since Yukina came because Yukina and Kojou are always together. Asagi also became the first girl to kiss Kojou in the anime. In Strike the Blood EX, She is presumed to be married with Kojou and they have a daughter named Moegi.

Motoki YazeEdit

Motoki is Asagi's childhood friend. He is often shown in this series. They don't seem to have romantic feelings for each other at all, they seem to get along good. Motoki is aware of Asagi's love interest for Kojou.

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