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Asagi Aiba

Asagi Aiba A

Asagi Aiba M

Asagi Aiba N

Kanji 藍羽 浅葱
Rōmaji Aiba Asagi
Alias Cyber Empress (電子の女帝)
Race Human (Priestess of Cain (カインの巫女))
Age 16
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Gender 12px-Female.png Female
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde, Black(Before/During Middle-School)
Professional Status
Affiliation Saikai Academy
Manmade Island Management Corporation
Occupation Student, Hacker Programmer
Base of Operations Itogami Island
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Sensai Aiba (Father)
Gajou Akatsuki (Father-in-Law)
Mimori Akatsuki (Mother-in-Law)
Nagisa Akatsuki (Sister-in-Law)
Kojou Akatsuki (Husband )
Moegi Akatsuki (Daughter)
Reina Akatsuki (Step-Daughter)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1: Right Arm of the Saint I
Manga Debut Chapter 1: The Fourth Primogenitor
Novel Debut Volume I: Right Arm of the Saint
Japanese Voice Asami Seto

Asagi Aiba (藍羽 浅葱, Aiba Asagi) is a high-school student studying in Saikai Academy and is the classmate of Kojou, Motoki and Rin. She is the childhood friend of Motoki due to both of their families being connected with the Manmade Island Management Corporation, a close friend of Rin and a friend of Kojou whom she has a crush on. She works as a part-time programmer at Manmade Island Management Corporation.


Asagi Aiba F

Asagi is a high-school girl who has red eyes and long blonde hair that is curled at it's end and passes through her shoulder with a fringe and bangs at either side of her face and she has a long pony tail tied by a pink ribbon. She wears the Saikai Academy uniform with a sweater. She wears a pink ribbon on her left wrist. Asagi's friend said that her skin, face, and her body are beautiful in general.



She is an expert programmer and works for the Manmade Island Management Corporation. She has a crush on Kojou. Despite knowing the island is deeply connected to supernatural personals and creatures, she has no idea that her friends are among them. She is nicknamed Cyber Empress. Meiga noticed that Asagi could be the Priestess of Cain and is practically immortal. As long as she remains on Cain's altar which is Itogami Island, she cannot be killed by any means and the ritual ground will keep her alive by all kinds of factors. Her programming skills and Mogwai maybe also related to Cain.

Few years ago, Asagi met Kojou during middle school.


Right Arm of the SaintEdit

Asagi and Motoki are helping Kojou out with his assignments in a restaurant.

Emissary of the WarlordEdit

Strike the Blood - 05 - Large 12

"The Two of you will be partner as doubles in Badminton"

Asagi and Kojou enter their classroom to see their classmates discussing about the approaching games where they assigned Asagi to be Kojou's partner in the Badminton game. Asagi suddenly blushed and knew that Motoki is the one who planned it then, Kojou tells her that it's okay for him to play. Asagi goes to Girl's changing room to change her clothes with her friend. While changing skirt, she looked at the mirror to see what herself is look like, she makes cute faces at the mirror and then suddenly got ashamed of herself and yell "Stupid or Idiot".

Strike the Blood - 05 - Large 22

Asagi's cute face in a mirror ヽ(。ゝω・)ノ☆

When she go out to find Kojou, she saw Kojou with Yukina and saw that Kojou was holding a letter (Asagi thought that the letter was a Love Letter for Yukina) and said that looks like she's disturbing something (what she knows is that Kojou is inviting Yukina on a date) so she leaves. It was seen that she was crouching over Akatsuki in a seductive way ,following the suggestion of Motoki "How to set up a Honey-Trap?".Akatsuki was sleeping then.When he saw her,he was flustered.Just the moment he was about to move her away,they fell from the bed.This scene was seen by Himeragi and Nagisa causing them to misunderstand Akatsuki.It was probably seen by War Dancer,Sayaka through a sparrow.

Strike the Blood - 07 - Large 04

Asagi after getting thrown away by the power of Kojou

Asagi saw Kojou using his powers after he was injured by Sayaka. Kojou was unable to control his power and upon seeing Asagi near, Kojou accidentally threw her away where she hit the wall and became unconscious. Then, she was brought by Yukina to the Medical Room, when she woke up, she saw Yukina, Astarte and Nagisa there. She asked about what had happened where Yukina responded trying to quell the situation. Somewhat believing the façade, Asagi asked Yukina what her relationship with Kojou was, to which Yukina struggled to answer. At this point the Black Death Star Faction invaded the Medical Room to abduct Asagi for her intelligence in deciphering codes. Nagisa had a panic attack on seeing the demons but was knocked out by Yukina. Astarte tired to stop them by releasing her familiar but was shot and injured. The terrorists kidnapped Asagi and company while Asagi is programming all Nalakuvera and brought them in a storage room. The man told Asagi to programmed the strong weapon they called "Nalakuvera", but she refused to do it, but the man told her that if she's not able to do that the man will toast her friends, that's why she was forced to do it even though she doesn't want to. After that, she was able to fixed all of it, while Kojou and others are fighting with the 3 Nalakuvera's. 


Asagi kissed Kojou

While Asagi is programming all Nalakuvera, she finally finish all of it by the power of her speed in programming. After that while Kojou and company are fighting all the Nalakuvera Asagi made something that can make the Nalakuvera stop and be destroyed. After that Asagi's been rushed into the Hospital. In the Hospital, when Asagi wakes up, she saw Kojou, then Asagi asks Kojou to take a look at her earrings then quickly grabs Kojo and kisses him.

Blazing AngelEdit

Strike the Blood - 09 - Large 11

Kojou wearing Tuxedo

Asagi ask Kojou to go in the Art Club. When the two of them are in there, asagi ask kojou to go undress and wear the clothes that asagi gave. When Kojou refused to, Asagi said that if he's not going to wear it then she will go undress, and when Asagi already is stripped Kojou agree to wear it. When Kojou wear it, Asagi wear a maid dress. Then, asagi took a picture of Kojou. Kojou was shocked and ask Asagi why she did that then, Asagi said she want too. While Asagi is taking picture of Kojou, Kojou took his cellphone and he took a picture of asagi and said that it is unfair if asagi will only take my picture. Then, on the last picture Asagi took a picture on the two of them.


Asagi took Kojou and her photo

Labyrinth of the Blue WitchEdit

Banquet of the ObserversEdit

Return of the AlchemistEdit


Enhanced Hacking Abilities: When Serious, Asagi's eyes get surrounded by a red light, and she shows an enhancement in her hacking capabilities as she was able to decipher the puzzle for Nalakuvera's activation, and could also count as a physical boost, since her finger movement speeds up to such a degree that she was able to hack a whole corporation with just her laptop, and while fending off Tank Rider's hacking, as shown in episode 3 of Strike the Blood II.


  • Asagi's sizes are: 1 1 1 1 1


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